Cuban-American CPAs Association

Cuban-American CPAs Association

Cuban-American CPAs Association is an organization of certified public accountants united
by heritage. Established in 1980, the association provides leadership on issues affecting the
accounting profession and promotes the practice of sound accounting policies. The CACPA
provides certified public accountants with a dynamic forum for communication, effective
interaction and influential contacts in the community.

While many of the members are affiliated with international, national, and regional accounting
firms, many are sole practitioners, some are employed by government and private industry and
others are educators. All members are bilingual.

The Student Membership is the next generation of leadership in management accounting and
financial management. CACPA Members recognize the challenges facing students and young
professionals entering the profession today. They provide professional networking, mentoring,
access to career opportunities and educational resources to help ensure success and continued
professional development of younger members.

CACPA provides many programs and benefits to aspiring students interested in accounting.
Benefits of student membership include access to scholarship opportunities, skills development
workshops, networking with key hiring professionals and sponsors.

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