Cuban Democratic Directorate

Cuban Democratic Directorate

The Cuban Democratic Directorate (Directorio Democrático Cubano) is a nongovernmental organization that supports the human rights movement in Cuba.

Directorio’s aims are to support for freedom, democracy and human rights in Cuba by way of nonviolent civic struggle. Based in the United States, they support Cuban opposition organizations by providing humanitarian and material support, exchanges of information with the Cuban people, for example by connecting foreign journalists with sources in Cuba, and building international solidarity for the opposition movement in Cuba.

Directorio is a signatory of the Agreement for Democracy in Cuba. Originally drafted in 1998 ahead of Pope John Paul II’s trip to Cuba, the 10-point document calls for, among other things, free elections on the island and the release of political prisoners. More than 120 organizations, both in Cuba and abroad, have signed it.

Directorio is a member of the Christian Democrat Organization of America and an associate member of the International Democrat Union.

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