Berens, Fred

Berens, Fred

Fred Berens was born in Havana, Cuba in 1942. He arrived in the United States in August 1960.

He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (1963) and a Masters in Business Administration (1964) from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

Berens serves as the Managing Director of Investments of Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (formerly, Wachovia Securities, LLC) in Miami. He has served as Senior Vice President, Investments of Wachovia Securities, Inc. (formerly known as Prudential Securities, Inc.) since March 1965. Berens is a high-level Investment Manager with vast entrepreneurial expertise. He serves at Wells Fargo Advisors, Miami. He served as Senior Vice President of Investments of Prudential Securities, Inc., since March 1965.

He was a Co-Founder of French Fragrances Inc. He serves as the Chairman of WPBT Communications Foundation, Inc. (WCFI). He served as Chairman of Dade County Health Facilities Authority for several years. He has been a Director at Elizabeth Arden, Inc. since July 1992 and served as its Lead Independent Director from February 2009 to November 30, 2014. He has been a Director of Public Broadcasting Service since 2007. He serves as Senior Trustee of University of Miami. He serves as a Director of Community Television Foundation of South Florida Inc., the licensee of WPBT. He serves as Director of the Carnival Performing Arts Center Foundation. He served as a Director of Prudential Securities, Inc. (also known as Suave Shoe Corporation) until December 1994 and he has been a Member of the Dade County Health Facilities Authority since 1979.

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