Estrella, Nicolás

Estrella, Nicolás

Nicolas Estrella is the owner and founder of Estrella Insurance, Inc. He was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in 1951 and arrived in the United State in 1966.

Estrella started working as a printing sales representative for Florida Form Business, Inc. He entered the insurance industry in 1976, when he worked as an agent for Ohio-based Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. Two years later, he established Menendez & Estrella Insurance Agency, Inc. as vice-president of the company. He focused his business in what was a very

unattractive niche, selling automobile insurance to immigrants and he did so at a time when auto insurance mandates were minimal in Florida.

Estrella has since created a highly successful business model for serving the insurance and financial needs of the Hispanic community in South Florida.

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