Encinosa, Enrique

Encinosa, Enrique

Born in 1949 and arriving to exile in the United States in 1961, Havana-born Enrique Encinosa is a Cuban researcher, writer and radio personality who started his career in New Jersey writing about boxing history.  His first book was titled “Boxing: This Is It!”.

After graduating with a Degree in Literature and Journalism from Purdue UniversityEncinosa moved to Miami, Florida, where he continued writing about sports as well as Cuban history and politics.  He became known for chronicling the history of the Escambray fighters for English-speaking audiences. The Escrambray guerrillas were made up by a group of Cuban peasants who took up arms to challenge the Castro dictatorship in the early 1960’s. Many of the Escambray men and women who were not executed were exiled to Miami in the late 1970’s to mid 1980’s. Encinosa has produced several audio-visual projects and books (including “Escambray: La Guerra Olvidada”) on the lives and stories of such Cuban figures.

He published “Cuba: The Unfinished Revolution” in 1988, one of the first books of its kind that detailed the anti-Castro struggle on the island from 1959 onward.

Encinosa currently resides in Miami, where he has continued to write about sports and Cuba, including works of fiction about the Cuban struggle.  He hosts and produces a popular AM Spanish-language radio show, “El Mundo al Dia”,  on 670 AM ‘La Poderosa’.

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