Medrano, Mignon

Medrano, Mignon

Mignon Medrano was born in Cuba and arrived in Miami in 1960. A graduate of the Dominican Americans in Havana, she worked for more than three decades with Esso Standard Oil in Cuba and Esso Inter-America in Coral Gables, Florida. She began her activism with the International Rescue Committee in aid programs for children who came alone from Cuba. She created a group of translators for Jackson Hospital Emergencies, thus helping doctors and patients who did not speak English. As a guide for the Vizcaya Museum, she translated into Spanish the entire inventory of Vizcaya, as well as the histories of the museum, its creator James Deering, and the museum of his brother Charles, the Deering Estate.

Mignon was the founder or driving force for major non-profit organizations, among them, the Mater Center for children lacking economic resources, the League Against Cancer, the Cuban Women’s Club, the Patriotic Educational Board that every Saturday, in schools and private spaces, offered free classes on the History and Geography of Cuba, Spanish and Civic. Mignon coordinated the production of the album “Historia de Cuba.”

Together with her husband, Humberto Medrano, worked on the preparation of documents that he presented before the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commissions in New York and Geneva, Switzerland; at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, DC; and before the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

She is the author of “Todo lo dieron por Cuba“ (They Gave Everything for Cuba.). The basis for this book were the denunciations and testimony of the tragic conditions of women in Cuba’s political prisons.  Mignon passed away in Miami, February 2022.

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