Casa Cuba, Houston, Texas

Casa Cuba, Houston, Texas

Mission of Casa Cuba

Casa Cuba is a non-profit organization, cultural and patriotic (not political), with the mission to preserve our culture, roots, customs and traditions for future Cuban generations with the participation of Cuban community of Houston.

The organization is open to everybody for the good of everybody. They share hopes that our brothers and sisters on the island will be free one day, with freedom and human rights (which are not enjoyed today under the tyranny).

Casa Cuba respectfully upholds our heritage for the Cubans living in Cuba, for our children, with plans of one day having our own Casa Cuba to the enrichment, promotion, and perpetuation of Cuban cultural heritage through social, educational and charitable programs.

The Beginning

The Casa Cuba idea was born in 1996 created by Evelio Fernández, Carlos Vázquez, Ricardo Miranda Jr, Angelucho Bermúdez, and Jorge Ferragut in order to bring Cuban culture to the Houston community.

Soon, word and excitement spread, and Cubans throughout Houston and the surrounding communities gathered together to build a long-standing cultural organization.

Since the beginning, everyone acknowledged a need for a Cuban cultural center. A place where Cubans can play dominos, drink Cuban coffee, speak their minds, learn about Cuba, or just simply be around other Cuban people. Also, it would be a place that can be rented for events (such as a place to celebrate “los quince”).


Today, Casa Cuba is an established and growing organization, proud of the hard work all members have contributed for the past years.

From “Operación Juguetes,” “Festival Cubano,” and the “Gala,” a prominent Cuban cultural event.  Casa Cuba has been instrumental promoting several cultural and civic activities, including the “Jose Marti’s Scholarship” and the “Talento Bilingüe de Houston.  It also publishes the magazine “Viva Cuba.”

President: Adolfo Rodriguez
Executive Director: Jorge Ferragut

P.O. Box 6794
Katy, Texas  77449


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