Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York

Centro Cultural Cubano de Nueva York

The Cuban Cultural Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan institution founded by Cuban exiles to preserve, develop, and disseminate our rich Cuban and Cuban-American cultural heritage within a democratic framework of freedom and autonomy, alien to totalitarian ideologies, values handed down to us by our founding fathers since the 19th Century.

The Cuban Cultural Center is founded, on a permanent basis, as a symbol and credit to the Cuban people for the enjoyment of current and future generations, even after Cuba rejoins the community of free and democratic nations of the world.

The Cuban Cultural Center is located in New York City, in special acknowledgment of the great metropolis which for almost two centuries has been haven to Cuban exiles involved in the struggle for their country’s freedom and home to some of the founding fathers of our national character.

Among its activities, the Cuban Cultural Center:

  • Disseminate, through conferences, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, publications, and other events, the most genuine Cuban cultural legacy in the arts, literature, music, dance, film, theater, architecture, urban planning, history, folklore, and other cultural expressions.
  • Stimulate artistic and intellectual creativity by promoting cultural activities, festivals, awards, and scholarships.
  • Encourage and sponsor studies and research on varied facets of Cuban culture.
  • Compile an inventory of artistic, literary, and intellectual works of the Cuban nation, with an emphasis on those created outside Cuba, for future generations and Cuba’s cultural legacy.
  • Serve as a center of information and reference to all in New York City and the United States who may be interested in the different aspects of Cuban and Cuban-American culture.
  • Condemn the harassment of Cuban writers and artists and/or any violations of their intellectual freedom and human rights.
  • Support cultural dissidents in Cuba against any regime that inhibits or represses the free exercise of cultural expression.
  • Attract bona fide financial support, whether individual or corporate, to attain the aforementioned goals.

The by-laws of the organization and operations of the Cuban Cultural Center will faithfully abide by these principles.

Executive Board

Iraida Iturralde, President

Times Square Station
P.O. Box 2608
New York, NY  10036

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